Flying with Air Berlin, hm… Imagine your-self sitting cosily in a seat you chose, sipping your free drink and reading free newspaper, collecting points in a frequent flyer program without a worry about your connecting flight. And all that for a price of a low cost airline ticket.
It’s not fiction. That is how a flight […]

Fees and restrictions, caused by new airport security rules in EU, have made cheap air flights more expensive.
This is a quick update to the low cost airline reviews I have written for Easy Jet and Ryanair airlines.
Hand baggage requirements have become stricter
You can find guide to new hand baggage rules here. Both Easy […]

Since November 2006 airline baggage rules in EU have changed. You must follow these rules and regulations if you want a smooth and care-free journey. These changes mostly relate to limited quantity of liquids you can carry through airport security checkpoints.
Pack all but the most necessary liquids in the hold baggage. Liquids that you need […]

After it was announced yesterday that terrorists tried to blow up several planes flying to US, air travel to and from UK has been disrupted. Flights are cancelled or delayed and securities are stricter.

If you need to use some of the UK airports and are looking for information on the current status, try the website […]

Today I wish to speak about online check in. You have probably heard of it. It is a feature which more and more airlines offer. Not just low cost airlines on their cheap air flights but big airlines like British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, Virgin… It enables you to print your own boarding passes.

How to use […]

Ryanair is one of the biggest and most established low cost airlines in Europe. It flies from UK and Ireland to over 100 destinations around Europe. They are often the cheapest on routes where they compete with other low cost airlines. They are infamous for flying to remote and secondary airports. Consider this when calculating […]

In the article about EasyJet it was mentioned that since EasyJet does not issue tickets you need a booking reference and some Photo ID to check in.
Now, question is, what type of Photo Id is acceptable?
Most low cost airlines are not very precise. They just say they accept a valid passport or national identity card. […]

This is the first part of the “Europe Low Cost Airlines” series.
EasyJet is one of the largest low cost airlines in Europe. They operate an ever-expanding network offering cheap air flights on 267 routes between 75 key European airports. (At least so they were on the date of writing) For this year they announced new […]

This is the first post in the “Cheap Air Flights - Travel Tips” series, which will explore some common characteristics of low cost airlines and cheap air flights.

Cheap air flights are a great way to travel, and I am not going to advise you against them. I only want to highlight some points that you […]

If you are trying to get cheap airfares, you may try different approaches:
1. You can go to your travel agent. Explain your wants and needs to them, and he or she will gladly help you get cheap airfares. Note: This way can be more expansive.
2. You can go to the office of your preferred airline, […]